Mr. Zoltan Papp’s think-tank on peacekeeping perspectives

Autonomy and symbiosis:
• pocketFIT book. Gear of success on 42 pages ( pdf) 
• FIT book. Gear of success on 29 chapters. ( pdf) 
pocketFIT könyv. Siker 42 oldalon. (Hungarian version under translation) ( pdf)

Robotics and artificial intelligence:
Artificial intelligence (AI) Ver2.5 Computer Aided Management (CAM) ( pdf)
 ° Ref: Schrödinger equations and the superluminal quantum computer ( pdf)
 ° Ref: Superconductive instruments in cryogenics ( pdf)
Demon DSP chip Ver3.2 Cryptology and language in the 3D world. ( pdf)

Salvation by artificial intelligence(AI) Ver2.9 (Gamma) ( pdf)
Thermo-chemical and multi-component liquid metal research. Differential equation programming. ( pdf)

Information technology platforms and solutions:
Interactive peer-to-peer (P2P/B2B) IPTV technology Ver1.0 ( pdf)
Interactive peer-to-peer (P2P/B2B) IPTV technology Ver2.0 ( pdf)
BSc project: Graph theory with distributed programming ( pdf)
MSc project proposal ( pdf)
MSc project: Distributed data mining with message passing ( pdf)

Tel: +36 30 7244609 (UTC+1)
Email: zoltan.papp[AT]
Skype: zoltanp2

Supplementary technical and diplomacy papers:

FIFRA laws ( pdf)
Inferno (hell) by Dante Alighieri, 262 pages ( pdf)
Full text of Iran nuclear deal. ( pdf)
Cold War International History Project by the WWICS, New York City, USA ( pdf)
A Roadmap for US-Russia Relations by CSIS ( pdf)
Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China by DOD ( pdf)
Ending the US War in Iraq, RAND Institute, 592 pages ( pdf)
Defence reporter by DSTL ( pdf)
Tensor theory of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia ( pdf)
WHO EMF publication, several languages available on WHO’s portal ( pdf)
SCPS protocol of military space communication standard ( pdf)
Electromagnetic (scalar pulse) radio waves, Zurich, Switzerland, ETHZ ( pdf)
Telecommunications Forum TELFOR, Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia, IEEE ( pdf)
Proceedings of RFID, Istanbul, Turkey, IEEE ( pdf)

Downloadable Reality and Survival pack DVD images:

Military training Ver3.5 (Beta) ( pdf)
Global economy investment tips (**Email) ( pdf)
Economic analysis (**Email) ( pdf)
Reality Pack DVD 1 ( ISO)
Reality Pack DVD 2 ( ISO)
Reality Pack DVD 3 ( ISO)
Survival Pack DVD 1 ( ISO)
Survival Pack DVD 2 ( ISO)

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